Adventurer Welcome to the new “Fioresia Online”,

you are part of a small community that followed our game on Discord, Twitter and other social network and we are so happy to have you with us.
Many new exciting things will be announced in the next few days and as an elitist small group, we need your help!
Yes, we need you to test the game!


Join our Discord and be an active community member. We will contact you in PM and give you a steam key!
The closed beta will start very small. We have every module of the game ready but we will push only one module at a time and update when we have feedback. The first module is PvE Combat in solo.
We Aim to have everything ready for the big open beta event in 1 month!

But that’s not all! A second countdown just appeared and a bigger press release will be made with very interesting news!

Thank you for following us! <3